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Discover SRK Metals' premium wire mesh products and shade nets designed for durability and precision.
Explore versatile designs, superior strength, and impeccable quality, ensuring unparalleled performance for diverse applications.
wire mesh

Wire Mesh

Our Processing Plant is around 4000 square meters within excess of 200 sets Read More

welded mesh

Welded Wire Mesh

The solid construction of welded wire mesh gives it a wide range of benefits over similar products. Read More

chain link fence

Chain Link Fence

Its is the most popular option to create boundaries in public places as well as important establishment, Read More



We supply all type wire in a wide range of steel types and according to many different standards. Read More

shade net

Shade Net

Experience the power of HDPE wire in form of Shade Net from SRK which provide the high protection from Sunlight. Read More

knitted wire mesh

Knitted Mesh

Knitted mesh is a type of material composed of interlocking loops of wire, yarn, or different bendy substances. Read More

More About Our Company

Wire Mesh Specialist

SRK Metals is a leading high-tech organization and industrial cluster company based in India & UAE. Established in 2015, we have been at the forefront of innovation and excellence in our industry for over 8 years.

SRK Metals is a renowned and leading brand in the wire mesh industry.

We are committed to delivering exceptional quality wire mesh products.

We prioritize precision and excellence

Our Mission & Vision

We aim to exceed your expectations with our comprehensive product range, cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

Industries We Serve

At SRK Metals, we specialize in providing high-quality wire mesh products to diverse industries. Our versatile solutions cater to construction, agriculture, mining, and more, ensuring superior strength and durability. Explore our range to discover how we serve various sectors with precision-engineered mesh solutions.

  • wire-mesh-for-automotive


    SRK Metals: Fueling Automotive Excellence Across Diverse Industry Sectors.

  • wire-mesh-for-oil-&-gas

    Oil & Gas

    Powering Oil & Gas with Superior Metal Solutions

  • wire-mesh-for-minning


    Enhancing Mining Operations with Quality Metal Innovations and Solutions.

  • wire-mesh-for-medical


    Elevating Medical Innovations with Precision Metal Solutions and Expertise.

  • wire-mesh-for-marine


    Advancing Marine Engineering with High-Quality Metal Components and Solutions.

  • wire-mesh-for-filtration


    Revolutionizing Filtration with Precision Metal Components and Expertise.

  • wire-mesh-for-electronics-&-telecom

    Electronics & Telecom

    Pioneering Electronics & Telecom with Cutting-Edge Metal Solutions.

  • wire-mesh-for-aerospace


    Shaping Aerospace Excellence Through Precision Metal Engineering Solutions.

  • wire-mesh-for-animal-enclosures

    Animal Enclosures

    Enhancing Animal Enclosures with Durable, Custom Metal Solutions.

  • wire-mesh-for-agriculture


    Cultivating Agricultural Efficiency with Robust Metal Solutions and Expertise

  • wire-mesh-for-landscaping


    Transforming Landscaping with Innovative Metal Solutions and Custom Designs.

  • wire-mesh-for-construction


    Building Tomorrow's Infrastructure with Reliable Metal Solutions and Expertise.

Our Capacity

We are able to create industrial metal mesh constructions with the complete range of specifications using contemporary weaving and production equipment.

Our R & D Expert team consisting of 5 plus experts in the metal mesh manufacturing industry. Most of these experts have more than 15 years of in industry experience of manufacturing ss wire mesh

SRK Metals is the Top Metal Mesh Supplier in gulf and asia focus more on the Product quality more than the profit.

All our products are certified under the ASTM and BS quality standards systems, making them suitable solutions for different types of industrial applications.

"SRK is a huge brand for Woven Wire Mesh. Our Processing Plant is around 4000 square meters within excess of 200 sets of world-class facility of assembling machines

Our total production area of 4000 sqms, weaving machines over 200 sets has enabled as an yearly production capacity over 4 million square meters.

wire mesh manufacturing

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