Best Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh supplier in UAE

SRK Metals is the one of the Leading Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Supplier in UAE & Gulf Region and manufacturing unit is in India. Epoxy mesh is largely made of woven material that is electrostatically sprayed with premium epoxy powder. This material is resistant to corrosion and acidic environments because to the epoxy coating. Epoxy wire mesh is frequently used as a support layer, a primary layer, and as a fly screen mesh in applications involving coastal regions. This is spacial mesh due to its stability, and it does not decayed and its mostly suitable due to the economic situation and mesh structure

Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh Grades
  • Low Carbon
  • SS304 & SS316
  • Epoxy Coated Mesh with Grey, Black and White Epoxy Coating.
Oil immersion Rust Proof:

The coating surface of this mesh has been tested by several brands of hydraulic oil media all around the world at various times and temperatures. A superb option for hydraulic filters that operate under high temperatures and high pressure is epoxy coated wire mesh.

Strong Adhesion:

Our Mesh qulified pencil test with H grade, the impact test value is 1kg/50cm, Scratch test, anti-fatigue test.


Based on the ASTM B117-09 salt spray test standard, This test has been completed for continuous 96 hours in presence of salty environment, and the mesh surface is remains unchanged.

Properties for Corrosion:

Epoxy Coating mesh passes through numerious number of tests including raw material inspection, mesh quality inspection, and new products development inspection improving the strength & corrosion resistant property of the product.

Square Aperture

Square Aperture and not very simple to loosen & distort making it an ideal choice for filtering and fly & mosquito screen applications.


Excellent flexibility: Excllent flexibality which make can band or fold upto 1mm curvature with no breakege.

epoxy coated air filter wire mesh
Tests Passed

SRK Metals has installed a high performance prototype laboratory. All of our produced epoxy wire mesh must had certified through the performance tests including paint film elasticity, pencil hardness, salt spray, anti-fatigue, and oil immersion, among others, making it an outstanding choice for diferent conditions. The Epoxy powder utilized for Epoxy Coating goes through several inspections starting with the entering inspection, product process quality inspection, and our all new products after development inspection are offered for clients.

Different Applications of Our Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh

Epoxy Coated Wire Mesh have diffrent applications for diffrent industries. Some of main applications are:

  • Air filters as the supporting layers
  • Hydraulic Filter Screen & supporting layer
  • Insect & Reptiles Protection Screen
  • Window & Door Screen Protection for costle area
  • Privacy & Anti-Theft Screen
  • hydraulic filters
    No Substrate material Coating Specification width (mm) length(m) Applied Industry
    1 Low Carbon Q195 Black color & Oil resistance 18x14/0.18 50mm-1500mm 30m-900m hydraulics
    2 Low Carbon Q195 Black color & Oil resistance 18x14/0.18 50mm-1500mm 30m-900m hydraulics
    3 Low Carbon Q195 Black color & Oil resistance 12x10/0.254 50mm-1500mm 30-900m hydraulics
    4 Low Carbon Q195 Black color & Oil resistance 22x20/0.18 50mm-1500mm 30m-900m hydraulics
    5 Low Carbon Q195 White color & Oil resistance 18x14/0.18 50mm-1500mm 30m-900m hydraulics
    6 Al-5154A(H39) Gray color & Weatherproof 17x15 400mm-1500mm 30m-900m air filtration
    7 Al-5154A(H39) Black color & Oil resistance 18x14/0.21 50mm-1500mm 30m-900m hydraulics
    8 Al-5154A(H39) Black color & weatherproof 18x15/0.28 50mm-1500mm 30m-900m window screen
    Note SRK Metals Can do the customized products as per the working environment and Clients requirement

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    Our commitment to excellence extends beyond manufacturing. Every mesh undergoes rigorous performance tests, ensuring superior quality characterized by exceptional elasticity, corrosion, and resistance to salt spray and fatigue. Rest assured, each product is meticulously inspected to meet and exceed industry standards.

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