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SRK is a well-known knitted wire mesh supplier in the UAE. We supply knitted wire mesh at a reasonable rate. We deliver the knitted wire mesh using high-quality material that makes the product stronger, more durable, and extra corrosion-resistant. Our knitted wire mesh is appropriate for diverse applications and makes use of. We've got a variety of knitted wire mesh that is perfect for specific needs in industries and core applications. Our wire mesh is easy to install and maintain.

Knitted wire mesh: what's it?

Knitted mesh is a type of material composed of interlocking loops of wire, yarn, or different bendy substances. It's been long since the use of knitting machines that produce a sequence of interconnected loops, just like the process used in textile knitting but with wires or filaments instead of yarns. The structure of knitted mesh commonly consists of a sequence of interlocking loops that shape a bendy and resilient mesh structure.

We Provide a Variety of Knitted Wire Mesh Options:

At SRK Metals, we pride ourselves on manufacturing and supplying a multitude of knitted wire mesh options tailored to meet the difficult needs of our clients. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we present a complete choice of knitted wire mesh solutions designed to address a large number of requirements throughout various industries and applications.

Whether looking for filtration capabilities, cleaning, or specialized defensive homes, our range of knitted wire mesh options stands as a testament to our determination to quality and flexibility. Companion with us to discover an international of opportunities in which every knitted wire mesh alternative is crafted to supply unprecedented overall performance and reliability, setting new standards of excellence in the variety of fields.


Stainless Steel Knitted Wire Mesh Roll

Stainless steel knitted wire mesh roll, crafted from 304 or 316 grade steel, embodies flexibility and porous design through interlocking loops. Its applications span filtration, gasketing, and EMI/RFI protection, meeting various industrial needs like automobile exhaust systems and chemical processing.

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Knitted Column Packing

Knitted column packing, molded from steel, plays a pivotal function in gasoline absorption and liquid extraction across industries. Its cylindrical shape, derived from knitted wire mesh, adapts seamlessly to chemical processing and petroleum refining, making sure separation and purification approaches' integrity and efficacy.

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Multiwire Knitted Mesh

Multiwire knitted mesh signifies a sizable advancement in wire mesh technology, presenting enhanced electricity and resilience. Woven from a couple of wires concurrently, it excels in high-stress filtration and challenging environments, addressing stressful requirements in automobile and aerospace packages.

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Compressed Wire Mesh

Compressed wire mesh, with its reduced thickness but retained integrity, finds numerous applications, from sealing to noise reduction. This flexible solution ensures reliability and efficiency throughout sealing applications, gaskets, and fluid switches, assembling unique desires in various business contexts.

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Copper Wire Mesh Gauze

Copper wire mesh gauze, woven with interlocking loops, serves diverse applications, from EMI/RFI protection to decorative factors. Its conductivity and durability make it indispensable in filtration and HVAC structures, catering to numerous desires across industries.

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Shielding Knitted Wire Mesh

Shielding knitted wire mesh blocks electromagnetic radiation, safeguarding electronics from interference. Its interlocking loop structure ensures durability and uniform coverage. Perfect for enclosures and digital gadgets, it provides dependable defense throughout frequencies, making sure sign integrity in telecommunications, aerospace, and medical gadgets.

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Demister Pads and Mist Eliminators

Demister pads and mist eliminators correctly capture and put off liquid droplets from fuel streams, making sure purifier business approaches. From gas-liquid separation to chemical processing, they play a vital role in retaining operational performance and environmental compliance across diverse industries.

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Knitted Wire Mesh Filters

Knitted wire mesh filters provide reliable and green filtration throughout air and liquid structures, safeguarding against contaminants. From vehicle to business filtration, they ensure cleanliness and safety, making them crucial additives in numerous filtration techniques.

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Tinned Copper Flat Braided

Tinned copper flat braided connectors provide robust answers for electrical grounding and connectivity desires. Made from tinned copper strands, they ensure protection and balance in electric circuits throughout commercial settings and electronic devices, safeguarding against capacity risks while facilitating seamless operations.

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We Offer Variety of Matels in Knitted Wire Mesh

The effectiveness of knitted wire mesh depends on the materials from which it is crafted. Diverse metals and specialized alloys form the backbone of this versatile material. Understanding these materials is key to unlocking the full potential of knitted wire mesh across various industrial applications. In this overview, we explore the types of materials used in creating knitted wire mesh.


About sizes of SRK Knitted Wire Mesh

We have a large selection of sizes in our knitted wire mesh products, and we can also make bespoke sizes to meet your needs and requirements of your projects. The most common forms of knitted wire mesh are rolls or sheets. A broad explanation is provided below with a sizing chart.

Knitted Wire Mesh Product Typical wire diameter (mm) Range of natural width (mm) Typical number of stitches per cm on length Typical number of stitches per cm across lay flat
Fine Mesh
0.05 - 0.15 6 - 165 3.5 4.4
Medium-Fine Mesh
0.15 40 - 635 2.4 3.5
Standard Mesh
0.2 - 0.35 30 - 1000 1.6 1.9
Coarse Mesh
0.2 - 0.35 30 - 550 1.6 0.74
Super-Coarse Mesh
0.4 - 0.6 330 - 350 0.5 0.5
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Are you trying to find trustworthy knitted wire mesh options? As a reputable knitted wire mesh manufacturer and supplier in UAE, we provide you the best solutions and premium knitted wire mesh to make your projects stronger. Our quality products ensure that you will get the perfect knitted wire mesh for your particular needs by offering an abundance of metals, sizes, designs, and customizability options. The focus is entirely on satisfying clients with high-quality knitted wire meshes that will surpass the project's objective, starting with comprehending your needs and ending with professional assistance.

Why then wait? Speak to SRK Metals right now. We have a long history of providing knitted wire mesh throughout the UAE, including Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and other cities. Investigate the premium knitted wire mesh options to provide your products more sturdiness, longevity, and resistance to rust. Choose wisely by using SRK Metals