Best Nickel Wire Mesh Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

SRK Metals is one of the Best Nickel Mesh Suppliers and Manufacturers in UAE & Gulf area. The manufecturing facility is in India. Nickel Mesh produce of high purity nickel wire with nickel content of 99.45% or greater. Nickel Wire Mesh are very resistant to oxidation and corrosion. These wire mesh screens are adaptable and may be controlled well in many settings and diverse environments. Nickel Wire Mesh is available in form of Nickel Mesh Sheets and mesh rolls which is highly popular for filtration medium. Nickel having a special utility as electrodes in fuel cells and new green energy application.

Weaves of Nickel Wire Mesh

This type of wire mesh is produced with the same technology as stainless steel mesh and other woven wire mesh metals are manufactured, but the wire is made using nickel wire for both wrap and weft.

  • Knitted wire mesh is known as Hook mesh which is formed by interlocking loops with Nickle wire.
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    Nickel Wire Woven Mesh

    Manufacture: Nickel Woven Wire Mesh is made of nickel wire through warp and weft woven.
    The most running Nickel Woven Wire Mesh sizes are: Mesh# 16, Mesh# 18, Mesh# 20, Mesh# 40, Mesh# 60 Mesh# 80 up to Mesh# 300. The nickel wire diameter is selected with mesh selection. It can not be directly applied or used in an application. It requires the surface coating process and is then used in various applications like alkali, hydrogen production, green energy, wind energy, energy storage in batteries, and many more industries.

    Properties: Nickel Woven Wire Mesh have high conductivity, corrosion resistant property and they tend to possess extraordinary performance in its field of application

    Application: These meshes are widely used in energy power generation, petroleum, chemical, aerospace, and other industries.

    Nickel Wire Knitted Mesh

    Manufacture: Nickel Knitted Mesh is known as nickel elastic wire mesh which is produced by knitted crochet technology. The classes are:

  • Single-wire single-layer knitting mesh
  • Single-wire double-layers barrel knitting mesh
  • Single-wire double-layers knitting mesh
  • Double-wires single-layer knitting mesh
  • Double-wires double-layers barrel knitting mesh
  • Double-wires double-layers cross knitting mesh
  • The structure of mesh is depends on needle and knitting procedure. Mainly this mesh deliver in roll or sheet form. The common size are :

    Width Wire dia Needle Length
    100mm to 1600 mm 0.1 mm to 0.8 mm 3 to 5 As per client requirement

    Features of Nickel Wire Mesh

  • High Resistant to Corrosion / Rust Proof
  • High Resistance and Stability in chemical, alkaline, and neutral salt solutions.
  • Shows maximum resistance to Gases at room temperature and upto highest temperature 1022 f
  • nickel wire mesh
    Type Specifications Weaving Type Material
    Typical Woven 35/0.18mmPlain Weave N6, N02200
    39/0.15mm Plain Weave N6, N02200
    40/0.15mm Plain Weave N6, N02200
    40/0.18mm Plain Weave N6, N02200
    60/0.15mm Plain Weave N6, N02200
    Knitted Wire Mesh 50-400 needles/0.153x1180 knitting N6, N02200
    50-400 needles/0.153x1220 knitting N6, N02200
    1600mm/0.16mm knitting N6, N02200

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    Explore an array of weaves, from woven to knitted wire mesh, tailored to meet diverse application needs. Our high-quality wire mesh, renowned for its conductivity and resilience, serves critical roles in energy generation, aerospace, petroleum, and more. Trust SRK Metals for top-tier quality, reliability, and specialized solutions crafted to excel in demanding environments.

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