Best Self Cleaning Screen Manufacturer and Supplier in UAE

We are an established and most reliable manufacturer and supplier of self cleaning screens in the UAE. Engineered to meet specialized needs, our self cleaning screen is also known as self cleaning screen filter or self cleaning screen mesh, which epitomizes excellence in functionality and reliability. At SRK Metals, we understand the crucial role of aggregate screen in overall performance optimization. Renowned for their resilience and precision, our aggregate screens serve as the cornerstone of screening and separation operations throughout numerous sectors. Crafted from top-rate metals, our screens show off their remarkable durability, making them ideal for enduring the production process in core industries.

Whether or not you are sorting gravel or overwhelmed stone, our self cleaning screens make sure optimum selections are made while seamlessly integrating into your operations. These self cleaning screens are also used in industries To surpass the intake of liquids, and fluids, hence they are also known as self cleaning intake screens. With a comprehensive range of wire arranging types and hook configurations, we provide versatility to satisfy numerous requirements, guaranteeing high-quality performance even in the most difficult environments.

Experience the epitome of reliability and innovation with SRK Metals self cleaning screen, wherein every screen embodies excellence and surpasses task needs. Elevate your screening operations to new heights with SRK Metals. Contact us to learn more and revolutionize your screening approach with SRK Metals.


Type Q Self Cleaning Screen

In order to efficiently manage fouling issues, Type Q self cleaning screens are built with corrugated wires aligned at the screening surface level, resembling diamond-shaped openings. Compared with standard screens, they offer a higher screening capacity and guarantee exact measurement of different particle sizes. Wire bands are another option for Type Q aggregate screens to increase their performance and longevity.


Type D Self Cleaning Screen

A type D self cleaning screen is characterized by its particular creation, providing alternating corrugated wires and strengthened straight wires positioned in mid-on the same degree as the screening surface. This layout enhances wear resistance and stress, ensuring durability in various industrial uses. The type D aggregate screen gives outstanding impact resistance due to its heavy creation relative to the openings used for the category, resulting in specific and efficient material classification.


Type Z Self Cleaning Screen

Self cleaning type Z aggregate screens are made up of corrugated wires placed parallel to one another. These screens are designed to provide accurate material classification in means of separation of sizes; they work especially well in situations where there is sludge or a high moisture content. They are excellent in producing particles and cleaning sticky materials, thus they guarantee the best screening results in a variety of applications.

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Applications of Our Self Cleaning Screen

  • Mining operations
  • Quarrying
  • Construction
  • Recycling
  • Landscaping
  • Soil screening
  • Self cleaning irrigation screen

Features of Our Self Cleaning Screen

  • Self-cleaning
  • High durability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Customizable
  • Efficient material separation
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Easy to Install
stainless steel wire

About SRK Metals Self Cleaning Screen sizes:

All Our category products are available in an extensive array of sizes, and bespoke sizes can also be ordered in accordance with specific needs. The self cleaning screen is primarily offered in the sizes listed below; for a general explanation, refer to the size table.

Aperture (mm) Wire Diameter mm Open Area (%) High Carbon Steel
(ISO 8458)
Weight (Kg/m2)
2 1 44 4.5
2.5 1.25 44 5.3
3.15 1.4 48 5.5
4 1.8 48 7.2
4.5 1.4 58 4.25
5 2 51 7.3
6.3 2.24 54 7.4
7.1 2.24 58 6.7
8 2.5 58 7.6
9 2.5 66 10
10 2.8 61 6.9
11.2 2.8 64 7.5
12.5 2.8 67 6.5
14 13.5 67 7.6
16 13.5 70 6.6
18 4 67 9.2
20 4 69 8.5
22.4 4 72 7.7
25 5 69 10.6
28 6 68 13.5
31.5 6 71 12.2
40 6 76 9.9
45 6 78 9.0

Why pick a self cleaning screen?

At SRK Metals, we are redefining the requirements of efficiency and reliability in aggregate screening. Say goodbye to the hassles of guide cleansing and upkeep. Our self cleaning screen provides unparalleled comfort, ensuring uninterrupted operations and maximizing productivity for your projects. Our expertise and dedication towards excellence assure superior performance and longevity, providing you with peace of mind and an unmatched return on your investment. With SRK Metals, embody the future of your project's self cleaning screen. Contact us to find out how our self cleaning screens can rework your operations and increase your fulfillment to new heights.