When it comes to securing properties or demarcating boundaries, few solutions are as ubiquitous and efficient as the cyclone fence. Also known as the chain link fence, this stalwart of perimeter protection has safeguarded countless spaces worldwide. But what exactly sets the cyclone fence apart? 

Cyclone fences have always been an essential tool for defining boundaries, providing security, and enhancing the aesthetics of various spaces. Among the various fencing options available, the cyclone fence stands out for its versatility, durability, and diverse applications. Here in this blog, let’s dive into the world of cyclone fences, exploring their types and wide-ranging uses.

What is a cyclone fence?

A cyclone fence, also known as a wire-mesh fence, chain link fence, or diamond-mesh fence, consists of woven steel wires interlocked to form a distinctive diamond pattern. Its construction involves weaving these wires into a zigzag pattern and securing them to steel posts set into the ground. This design creates a sturdy yet flexible structure that offers transparency while ensuring security.

Cyclone vs. Chain Link: Deciphering the Difference

One of the primary queries that often arises pertains to the disparity between cyclone and chain link fences. Interestingly, there isn’t any real distinction between the two; they are essentially the same. The nomenclature of the cyclone originated from its inventor, who envisioned its resilience as akin to the force of a cyclone, and the name stuck. Hence, cyclone fence and chain link fence are synonymous.

Types of Cyclone Fences

There are various options available for cyclone fences to meet customer demand, and one can even customize the fence according to their project requirements. Here are some of the main types of cyclone fences that are in high demand, as mentioned below:

SS Cyclone Fence: The stainless steel cyclone fence is known for its exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion, making it ideal for areas exposed to harsh weather conditions or corrosive elements.

Hot-Dipped Cyclone Fence: These fences undergo a hot-dip galvanization process, hence known as hot-dipped cyclone fence, which involves coating the steel wires with a layer of molten zinc, ensuring superior rust resistance and longevity, particularly in demanding environments.

PVC Cyclone Fence: These fences are coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) on metal wire with molten zinc, therefore called PVC-coated cyclone fence, providing enhanced protection against rust and corrosion while offering customization options in terms of colors and aesthetics.

Applications of Cyclone Fences

The versatility of cyclone fences extends across various domains and serves various applications by fulfilling the purpose of usage. Some of the main applications for those cyclone fences are given below:

Residential Use: Garden cyclone fences offer a secure boundary for residential properties without compromising visibility, allowing homeowners to maintain a sense of openness while ensuring safety.

Commercial and Industrial Security: In commercial and industrial settings, cyclone fences serve as robust perimeter barriers, securing warehouses, construction sites, and utility areas.

Sports Facilities: Cyclone fences are commonly used in sports complexes, securing fields and courts while providing unobstructed views for spectators.

Animal Enclosures: Zoos, farms, and animal shelters utilize cyclone fences to create enclosures for animals, ensuring safety and containment without obstructing visibility.

High-Security Areas: Stainless steel and hot-dipped cyclone fences find applications in high-security zones such as military installations, airports, and prisons due to their durability and resistance to tampering.

Unveiling the Purpose and Installation

The primary purpose of a cyclone fence is to provide a secure barrier without obstructing visibility. Its versatility finds application in various settings, from residential perimeters to commercial and industrial spaces. Installation is relatively straightforward, making it a favored choice due to its ease of setup compared to other fencing types.

Cyclone Fence Panels and Specifications

Cyclone fence panels come in various sizes and specifications, offering adaptability to different requirements. The mesh sizes and wire netting play a crucial role in determining the fence’s strength and durability. PVC-coated options add an extra layer of protection against corrosion and weathering, ensuring longevity.

Specification: The cyclone fence comes in various types of specifications used in various applications and core industries. It depends on the workings of the cyclone fence, which will withstand your projects.

For example: 

  • Airport fence: opening: 2”x2” and wire thickness: 4.88 mm with PVC coating, height minimum: 2.8 m
  • For Sports Area: 50x50mm x 4.0 mm PVC wire with 5–6 meter height
  • Most common roll size: 1.8 meters by 15 meters, 2.4 meters by 15 meters, 2.5 meters by 12 meters, etc.

Why opt for cyclone wire?

The advantages of cyclone wire fencing are manifold. Its durability, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness make it a compelling choice. The diamond mesh design, coupled with options like hot-dip galvanized coatings, ensures both security and longevity.

What will affect the price of the cyclone fence?

The cost of a cyclone fence depends on factors like size, material, and additional coatings. Each type of cyclone fence presents specific advantages, whether it’s enhanced durability or resistance to corrosion.


In conclusion, the cyclone fence’s adaptability, durability, and diverse applications make it a preferred choice across residential, commercial, industrial, and specialized settings. With their various types for meeting specific needs and the crucial role played by wire mesh manufacturers in their production, cyclone fences continue to serve as essential elements in securing, defining boundaries, and enhancing various spaces. Whether it’s safeguarding a backyard, securing a high-profile facility, or delineating a sports field, the cyclone fence stands as a testament to both functionality and versatility in the realm of fencing solutions.

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